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New stamps with historical themes

15/09/2020 - 10:58

Today, TELE-POST releases four new stamps. Two of them depict the daredevil Charles Lindbergh in 1930s Greenland, while the latter two make up the start of a new series on the historical School-savings coupons from 1957.

Greenlands first flying mailman

American Charles Lindbergh became the first in Greenlandic history to transport mail by air from location to location. From July the 22nd to August the 26th 1933, he and his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, flew a total of 43 hours and covered 8.000 km in the air over the North Atlantic, internally in Greenland and on to Iceland.

On the trip, they brought mail from the six cities they visited in Greenland. The collected mail from the Greenlandic cities was delivered to the Icelandic Mail Service, when the couple landed in Reykjavik. From Iceland the mail was transported by ship to Bergen in Norway and then on to the recipients in Denmark.

The reconstructed room the Lindberghs spend the night at, when they visited South Greenland, can be seen at Qaqortoq Museum. In the room, the original photos that are the basis for the two stamps with a group photo can be seen. One is a group photo with among others the great polar researcher Knud Rasmussen and Lindberg on his plane. As a pilot, pioneer and mail man Charles Lindbergh made his mark on the world.

The school-savings coupons of 1957

Savings coupons was originally a means to encourage increased savings. In 1881, Dansk Sparemærkekasse was inaugurated. With the release of the school savings coupons in 1957, the system went national in Greenland. Alex Secher’s original motifs are the basis for all of the stamps in this series that is planned to run for four years.

The two first stamps illustrates the motive of a kayakman vis-á-vis citizens in national costumes in front of the Greenlandic Seminarium. Graphic artist Nina Spore Kreutzmann is the woman, who have done the layout for all stamps in the series.


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