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Tele Greenland A/S General Assembly 2021

18/05/2021 - 21:53

Tele Greenland has held its general assembly on May 18, 2021. 

A nice result for 2020- Continued ambition to do more for less. 

The profit before taxes for 2020 were 167.0 million DKR, which is 46,9 million DKR more than 2019. 

An explosive rise in data traffic – New visions for bringing the world closer. 

2020 was the last year in the 4-year strategi period. Since 2016 internet consumption has skyrocketed and the number of citizens with internet at home has gone from 45% to 68% 

This demands new investments in telecommunications infrastructure and upgrades of radio relay stations according to the Chairman of the Board, looking forward at a new strategy for the company and ambitions for all of Greenland through 2024. 

‘In the just ended strategy period as well as the new period started this year, TELE-POST has had a sharp focus on delivering our mail and telecommunications services to all of Greenland. In parts of the country the capacity to pay for simply does not exist. Here I will just have to say that a continued expansion of internet capacity is an essential premise for strengthening education, business, and health locally – even in the places that cannot afford the expense’. Chairman of the Board Stine Bosse states. 

Thank you departing Board Members and a welcome to new Board Members. 

Last but not least a thank you to Kim Søgaard and Aviaja Karlshøj Knudsen for their work effort and commitment to ensuring that the company has performed well and today has a strengthened position. 

At the same time, we bid two new Members of the Board welcome: Tukummeq Arnaq Egede Martinsen and Eqalunnguaq Abel Kristiansen. 


The Members of the Board are from now on: 

  • Stine Bosse 

  • Inaluk Brandt 

  • Ulrik Blidorf 

  • Tukummeq Arnaq Egede Martinsen 

  • Eqalunnguaq Abel Kristiansen 

  • Emil Kleemann 

  • Jørgen Rosbach 

  • Ole Zeeb Andersen 


Links to documents from the General Assembly:

Presentation from the General Assembly

Speech from President of the Board

Annual Report 2020


For Further Information please contact: Head of Communication Julie Rademacher Mobile +299 263535, email: