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Tele Greenland joins forces with SES to improve internet connectivity in underserved served areas

04/08/2020 - 10:15

Tele Greenland and SES boost internet connectivity performance reaching East Greenland and opening Tele Greenland’s customers’ access to new internet plans.

I’m delighted to announce this important milestone in upgrading internet solutions and improving the quality of experience for our customers in the areas that are not reached by cable. This is the first step towards better internet solutions for 100 % of the population, allowing access to new internet plans.  Says CEO Kristian Reinert Davidsen, Tele Greenland A/S. 

Providing internet services to Greenland is a complex task due to challenges in deploying terrestrial networks and equipment, as well as the relatively low availability of geostationary (GEO) satellite coverage in the Arctic Circle. Thanks to partnering with SES Networks, Tele Greenland has overcome these challenges by investing in satellite capabilities and the required ground infrastructure, allowing the company to introduce new services to Tele Greenland’s customers.  

The new terrestrial network will already be installed in 2020, if the circumstances surrounding the global pandemic, Covid-19, do not delay the production of the facility.

Tele Greenland and SES both deeply believe in leaving no one outside the reach of connectivity and enabling opportunities for everyone. We are committed to delivering content connectivity solutions in even the most remote locations where terrestrial infrastructures cannot be deployed, and are proud to bring high-quality internet experiences to people in East Greenland, says Antonio Bove, Director, Fixed Data Sales Europe at SES Networks. 

About Tele Greenland 

Known in Greenland as ‘TELE-POST’, Tele Greenland is a government-owned telecommunications provider that owns and operates a submarine fiber network, a microwave network, satellite ground stations and local fixed and wireless access networks to provide Greenland’s 56.000 inhabitants and a range of special customers modern and affordable connectivity. Tele Greenland operates under certain universal service obligations and monopoly concessions for telco infrastructure and cell services.

Tele Greenland’s terrestrial and submarine fibre network is well located to hook up with polar-orbiting satellites for major marine and air routes in the north Atlantic. 


For any further information or questions please contact Head of Communication Julie Rademacher - or mobile: +299 263535