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TELE-POST delivers another great annual result

22/04/2021 - 13:02

TELE-POST had an annual result in 2020 after taxes of 122.7 million DKK, which is 1.0 million more than in 2019, where the result after taxes was positively affected by changes in the corporate tax. The net sales dropped by 12 million DKK from 814.2 to 802.2 mio. kr.

  • The annual result is a great end to our four-year strategy term, where we – despite sea cable breaks, difficult weather conditions and not least COVID-19 – have succeeded in making TELE-POST a far more efficient company. We have created a more solid infrastructure as well as more up-to-date and cheaper products. I feel very proud of the company’s development over the last years, and that we succeed in maintaining momentum with the annual result in 2020, Chairman of the Board, Stine Bosse, says.


COVID-19 has also had consequences for TELE-POST. While the roaming customers* have stayed away, TELE-POST has had to reduce activities in several areas as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions – not just in Greenland but all over the world. This has led to a line of cost cutting measures that contribute to the great annual result. The lesson from 2020 means that TELE-POST expect to be able to make the savings more permanent, while others will be rescinded when the restrictions are lifted, and the activity level can be increased again.

Price reductions and targeted products

In 2020, TELE-POST reduced internet prices for private customers with upwards of 27%, and the customers have received the price reductions incredibly well in the form of upgrading to larger internet packages. Additionally, the company has experienced a general influx of new customers in both the cities and the settlements.

2020 also became the year, where the company launched the Tusass-For-Children subscription that is targeted towards children and youths under the age of 18. The subscription – which has a very low monthly fee with unlimited minutes and texts as well as 1GB of data – has been one of TELE-POSTs most successful launches.

  • In the first month alone, more than 3.000 Tusass for Children subscriptions were signed. It is obvious to us that the kids and youths are far ahead regarding digitalization. We are happy that we can make it possible for more kids and youths to both access the internet and get in contact with their family and friends with this subscription, CEO Kristian Reinert Davidsen, says.

Good results and investing in the next generation with Coding Class

  • A company of our size that is owned by the Greenlandic Government and creates the results that we do, also commits to making an extra effort for society. At TELE-POST, we have chosen to work strategically with our Corporate Social Responsibility, to ensure that we will harvest the future rewards from our good work today, Stine Bosse says as a final remark.

One of TELE-POSTs large CSR-initiatives is the Coding Class project, where all of the country’s 7th graders are introduced to coding and to IT as a subject in general, to increase interests in studying technology, and more young people chose educations within the field. TELE-POST hopes to become a major outlet for students with these educations in the future too.

TELE-POST has its annual general assembly May the 18th.

* (customers from abroad using their cell phone plans in Greenland)