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TELE-POST: More Tusass customers in the settlements and satisfactory Q2 interim report for 2020

08/10/2020 - 13:44

Over the first two quarters of 2020, TELE-POST delivers a satisfying result of 64.7 million kroner before taxes in spite of COVID-19. This is an increase of 15.5 million kroner compared to the first two quarters of 2019 that was affected by extra costs of sea cable repairs.

TELE-POST is also affected by COVID-19

At the beginning of 2020, the global Corona-crisis hit the world, which also affected TELE-POST. Particularly in the form of lower roaming income from foreign customers, though this is mitigated by savings on administrative costs. The negative consequences of the Covid-19 crisis have generally been in the shape of delays from international suppliers and delays on mail and goods.

Lower prices in the spring, more customers in the villages

In May, TELE-POST lowered the price of Tusass internet products with upwards of 27%. The customers have been very enthusiastic about these price reductions while the prices were lowered, the quantity of customers – particularly in the settlements – have increased considerably. The quantity of households with Tusass Flatrate Internet has increased from 34% at the beginning of 2019 to 47% today.

Chairman of the Board at TELE-POST, Stine Bosse thanks the management and employees for this:

  • A continuous work on focusing and simplification as well as investments in stronger networks has made it possible for TELE-POST to both lower prices, make internet more accessible and to improve the quality of internet experiences markedly. The new Tusass products are attractive in the cities, but particularly in the settlements, where there has been a significant increase in the quantity of customers. We are proud to be able to offer more products to the entire country, which accelerates the digitalization.

TELE-POST expects another satisfactory annual result

Like the rest of the world, TELE-POST continues to be affected by COVID-19. It does not affect the company as hard as companies in other lines of business, though the TELE-POSTs employees work hard to ensure deliveries to allow the telecommunications infrastructure to be maintained and expanded. CEO at TELE-POST, Kristian Reinert Davidsen, tells of the COVID-19 challenges.

  • To give an example of how COVID-19 affects us, some of our customers are currently experiencing how we have some special challenges on modem deliveries. This is a challenge that we are doing everything within our powers to solve to the benefit of the customers, but at the same time we also have to acknowledge that the world is in a unique situation that none of us could predict and that we are doing everything possible to ensure that it will not repeat itself.

In spite of the COVID-19 situation, TELE-POST expects another satisfactory annual result for 2020 of 100-120 million kroner.

Contacts for further information: Head of Communication in TELE-POST, Julie Rademacher, phone: 263535, email: