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TELE-POST: New preliminary ocean survey along the west coast

05/05/2021 - 15:48

For many the internet is not just “nice to have” but “need to have”. Five years ago, the internet was not something everyone had access to, but today many more are online. This can be seen in the quantities of data being transferred and since more are now online, we know that more and more rely on having access to the internet. That is why TELE-POST now initiates new preliminary ocean studies along the west coast to assess the expansion of the telecommunications infrastructure.

Explosion in data quantities – customers want more and cheaper internet connections

Data quantities have exploded over the last decade, and the single string radio chain connection is already challenged from Aasiaat and northwards, which is why TELE-POST now expands it.

TELE-POSTs strategy from 17-20 has been about ensuring better customer experiences and with Tusass internet this has become possible for many people across the country. Data quantities rose by 927% in the settlements and there has been an overall explosion in internet data consumption by 2135% from 2017-2021.

Threats to the telecommunications infrastructure are threats to us all

The Arctic telecommunications infrastructure is threatened not just by trawlers but also by icebergs, and it would be disastrous to many, both private and corporate customers, if we experience another sea cable tear. That is why threats to the telecommunications infrastructure are a threat not just to TELE-POST but also to all of society.

The horror scenario is a sea cable tear like in 2019

The horror scenario for all of us – and the ultimate threat – are sea cable tears and cyber-attacks that can destroy the national telecommunications infrastructure. That is why we expect to invest upwards of 1 billion DKK in supply security, infrastructural improvements and physical security as a part of the new strategy for the coming four years. Additionally we will be able to offer higher speeds and more green energy. CEO for TELE-POST, Kristian Reinert Davidsen explains that most of the investments in the coming strategy period will focus on security and emphasizes:

  • Supply security has become incredibly important. Society has become increasingly dependent on always being online, and not experiencing connection losses A couple of years ago we saw what consequences torn sea cables had – not just for us but also for society. That is the reason we are now examining the possibility for laying new sea cables.

Preliminary ocean survey along the coast

TELE-POST will new do preliminary studies on the possibility of expanding sea cable connections along the west coast to assess the potential construction of new sea cables and new investments in securing and expanding the telecommunications infrastructure.

This project will run from the spring of 2021 until the end of October 2021.

For additional information please contact: Head of communications at Tele Greenland A/S, Julie Rademacher Cell +299 352626 Mail: