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TELE-POST supplies mobile SITE for Extreme E in Kangerlussuaq

06/07/2021 - 11:06

TELE-POST supplies special connection for the race with a mobile site

One year ago, Mayor of Qeqqata Kommunia Malik Berthelsen and CEO at TELE-POST Kristian Reinert Davidsen met to explore the possible cooperation regarding the areas around Kangerlussuaq. One year ago, it was still just a crazy idea that Extreme E could come to Greenland. In August this year, it will become reality due to close cooperation and coordination between Qeqqata Kommunia and TELE-POST.

TELE-POST supplies the connections, when millions of motorsports fans, TV- and online viewers across the world can experience Extreme E’s rally. For the first time, the global event is held from the Kangerlussuaq sand dunes with a view of Rusell Glacier in Western Greenland on August the 28th-29th 2021. TELE-POST supplies the connections through a special mobile solution that includes a unique mobile site to ensure short-term 4G coverage at the location. Now, the mobile site is being tested and connections must be ready to cover the race directly from the sand dunes at Rusell Glacier.

CEO at TELE-POST Kristian Reinert Davidsen says:

-For many, cellphone and internet connections are often just something that appears out of thin air, but a prerequisite for cellphone and internet connectivity in a grand Arctic country is the construction of telecommunications infrastructure on high mountains as well as in deep valleys and fjords. I am proud that TELE-POST can be a part of realizing such a positive and important event for our country in cooperation with Qeqqata Kommunia.

Extreme E race against climate change

The Extreme E race is an off-road racing tournament that uses electric SUVs and futuristic technology in the utmost extreme surroundings in the world. The purpose of the tournament is to bring attention to the consequences of climate change through the Extreme E race sites from five locations across the globe, where climate change is most visible through desertification, rising sea levels, a melting Arctic, rain forest deforestation, and glacial collapse. The melting Greenlandic icecap is the perfect background for the message of global warming.

There is a large interest in the new concept of ‘docu-sport’, where the rally/motorsport is combined with documentaries on the enormous impacts of climate change and emphasizes Greenland and Kangerlussuaq as one of the unique travel destinations in the world.

Qeqqata Kommunia thanks TELE-POST for the close cooperation

Mayor at Qeqqata Kommunia, Malik Berthelsen says:

We are extremely happy for the close cooperation with TELE-POST that has been positive from the start, creating a special solution to make this project possible. The mobile site solution now ensures that the entire world can follow the Extreme E race live from Kangerlussuaq. We hope that the world-famous racers can be a part of branding both Kangerlussuaq, Qeqqata Kommunia, and our magnificent country across the globe.

The mobile SITE ensures connections to LIVE stream during the race

The mobile Tusass site is used for cell phone connectivity in areas, where coverage or capacity is needed with limited warning. Even though the site is mobile, it still requires massive planning for TELE-POST to ensure the right signal transmission with several radio chain links and site installation. Several technicians were involved in erecting the site using heavy equipment that needed special transportation by ATVs to allow it to be installed on a mountaintop in the harsh Arctic climate.