• Prepaid

  • Pay only for your usage

With TUSASS prepaid you only pay for the minutes you talk, the text messages you use and the amount of data you use.




TUSASSCharges in DKK.
Call charge 0,15
National rate per minute1,20
Text message (160 signs) 0,15
Data usage per MB0,80

For calls outside Greenland please view this page and look at the column saying "Mobil/TUSASS" and find the country you would like to call. The chart is only availible in Danish.


Rates for TUSASS

Starter kit (simcard with 200 DKK talk) 400,00
Repayment of the remaining balance75,00
Replacement of your simcard150,00
Request of your PUK code50,00


TUSASS prepaid refill

TUSASS prepaid refilling is only available in Danish. Please use the following instruction on how you refill.

To refill your TUSASS prepaid go to this page.

1. Write your TUSASS prepaid number in the "Mobilnummer" field. And your e-mail adress in "Email" and then choose "Valider mobilnummer".2. Choose the amount that you want to refill your prepaid with under "Beløb". When having chosen the amount press "Gå til betaling" to pay.
3. Choose your creditcard type.4. "Kortnummer" is your creditcard number, "Udløbsdato" is the expiry date and "Kontrolcifre" is the 3 numbers written behind your creditcard.


Roaming with a TUSASS subscription allows our customers to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and data roaming.

When calling EU, EAA countries and Greenland (per minute)

Text message (160 signs)

Recieving calls (per minute) 

Data /Per. MB

1,42 DKK 0,45 DKK 0,38 DKK 1,49 DKK


When using your TUSASS prepaid in Denmark

When you call from your TUSASS subscription from Denmark, the following zone prices are used.

ZonesMaking a call (per minute)Receiving a call (per minute)Text message
Zone 11,42 DKK0,38 DKK0,45 DKK
Zone 26,00 DKK0,52 DKK0,60 DKK
Zone 314,00 DKK0,52 DKK0,60 DKK
Zone 447,00 DKK0,52 DKK0,60 DKK

Zone 1: Denmark, Greenland, EU, Norway, Iceland and Lithuania.
Zone 2: Andora, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Macedonien, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Switzerland, Serbia, USA and Vatican City.

Zone 3: Other countries
Zone 4: Satellite services